Hometown: Victoria, Australia

Martin Kirby: Vocals
David Bichard: Drums
Lloyd Carroll: Guitar
Josh Manitta: Guitar
Ed Redclift: Bass

Since forming on Victoria Australia's Mornington Peninsula over half a decade ago, Carpathian have been an indestructible force on unstable ground. Hampered by incessant line-up changes, they've nonetheless managed to assert their dominance in the Australian hardcore pack.

Releasing their debut EP through Washed Up label in 2005, they were signed to Australian label Resist, who issued the acclaimed full-length album "Nothing to Lose" the following year. Further forging their reputation on the live front, Carpathian played second-fiddle to no one, whether mixing it with the cream of the local scene or stepping up onto bigger stages for tours with Killswitch Engage, Bleeding Through, etc. After battling line-up changes, a freshly unified Carpathian line-up toured through the UK and Europe alongside Parkway Drive and On Broken Wings. Later they became the only local band to play every date on the Australian legs of the 2007 Taste of Chaos tour. Later that winter came the first recording by the rejuvenated line-up, a limited two-song 7"EP via Resist titled "Wrecked", unveiling a frightfully intense new Carpathian sound. Soon after they converged upon the Getaway Group, a studio situated in the basement of Jay Maas' suburban home in Wakefield, Massachusetts. A respected hardcore producer who has pulled huge sounds from the likes of Shipwreck a.d. and Verse, Maas proved the perfect choice to help Carpathian realize their grand vision for "Isolation". Within each of the ten songs that made up "Isolation", Carpathian's overall growth was apparent. Cohesive song-writing, fantastic recorded performances, and a powerful collective vision shined throughout, making the album a favorite of hardcore kids worldwide.

Now in 2010, after two years of touring the world, Carpathian have returned with their most soulful and pensive effort to date, the "Wanderlust" 7"EP. Recorded in their home of Melbourne by Drew Parsons, the effort was shipped over to the states where Jay Mass ("Isolation" engineer) handled the final mixing duties.

From the first ringing notes, it's apparent that Carpathian have grown into a darker and more reflective band since the release of "Isolation". Crushing opener "Wanderlust" clutches a potent musical weight and grit that is a true progression Carpathian. While "Iron Heart" screams with emotion, ultimately becoming blatantly heavy without being remotely predictable. The nearly epic "Monochrome" shows why less can be more in contemporary heavy music. With Carpathian allowing their newly discovered discordant guitar work swell and build throughout this memorable melancholy anthem.

Altogether "Wanderlust" is a special effort. Not an EP placeholder between albums, but the sound of a band searching for their own unique collective voice. Within that, Carpathian, whether conscious of it or not, are becoming something truly special in the process.

In Spring of 2011, Carpathian announced their hiatus.
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