Hometown: Philadelphia, PA USA

Whether it's with their hardcore urgency, or uniquely powerful lyrics, the true grit of Blacklisted will move you. They carry a soul and energy unlike any other hardcore band. Blacklisted pick up the torch that contemporary legends American Nightmare once proudly carried. Merging a violence, honesty, and emotional outpouring into one untamable and inspiring hardcore machine.

"When People Grow, People Go" is the new album from Blacklisted.

Recorded by Will Yip at Studio 4, "When People Grow, People Go" is an eleven song amalgamation of Blacklisted’s brave experimental leanings ("No One Deserves…" direction) and their unquestionable hardcore heart ("Heavier Than Heaven…" direction). All of it musically electric, pushed to the point of explosion by vocalist and lyricist George Hirsch's melancholic introspection. Widening the gap between them and everyone else with their inspiring originality, vulnerability, and power.

Photos: Robby Redcheeks, David Bergman
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"How Quickly..." from "...The Beat Goes On"
"I Am Weighing..." from "Heavier Than Heaven, Lonelier Than God"
"Ivory Tower" from "Peace On Earth, War On Stage"
"Long Way Home" from "We're Unstoppable"
"Memory Layne" from "Peace On Earth, War On Stage"
"Tourist" from "...The Beat Goes On"
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