Cast Aside
Hometown: Richmond, VA USA

Wes Vincil: Vocals
Fahs Wood: Guitar
Chris Ferguson: Drums
Clifton Edmonds: Guitar

Cast Aside are a brutal metallic hardcore band from Richmond VA.

In a time when the darkness of complacency plagued the hardcore community, Cast Aside rose as a new dawn to bring us a brighter day. Heralded as one of the leaders of a new breed of straight edge hardcore, Cast Aside define the contemporary straight edge principles of heart, integrity, and respect. All qualities once thought lost in the hardcore community's ongoing evolution, now reborn as a new fight in Cast Aside's never ending personal war.

Cast Aside burst onto the scene with a well received 7"EP/CD release on the Malfunction Records label. The band toured the east coast U.S., gaining momentum with every show. Soon after, the band chose to release their first proper album on Deathwish titled "The Struggle". "The Struggle" is an absolutely crushing album, ripe with conviction and heart. The brute force of the album speaks to many, appealing to the jaded hardcore kid as well as fans of Hatebreed, Terror, and the heavier of the genre.

Cast Aside are still active, playing regionally while they continue to write their new album.

Photos: Alex Lambgoat
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"Honor" from "The Struggle"
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