Hometown: Philadelphia, PA USA

Damage were an ethically minded, musically refined hardcore band fronted by Robby Redcheeks (Dead By 23 label owner). Their brand of raw hardcore had an old school punk energy that was nothing short of awe inspiring. Kicking and spitting, fast and gruff, they did it the right way, the only way in their opinion. Damage members also had stints in I Hate You, Knives Out, The Boils, American Nightmare, Champion, and many more relevant hardcore/punk bands.

Damage "Final" CD/7"EP was released by Deathwish in 2001.

Damage briefly reformed under the name Damage II and release a fantastic 7"EP on Dead By 23, only to disband shortly thereafter.

Former frontman Robby Redcheeks is now an established photographer. Samples of his work can be seen here on this website in a variety of places.

Bass player Dave Sausage owns every rare record you ever wanted, and he also plays bass in Blacklisted.

Photo: Carl Gunhouse
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"Turn My Back" from "Final"
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