Knives Out
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA USA

Nicholas Hans: Vocals
Joshua Agran: Guitar
Jeffrey Ziga: Guitar
Darrell Hyde: Bass
Brandon Wallace: Drums

Philadelphia's Knives Out were a discordant punk/hardcore band born from the ashes of the legendary I Hate You. The band was also comprised of season veterans who played with: American Nightmare, Boy Sets Fire, Damage, and Christ. Their hard edged DC style riffing, hyperactive rhythms, and vicious vocal deliveries set them apart from the rest of the independent music community in passion and intensity.

Knives Out released their "Heartburn" CD on Deathwish in 2002. After some east coast touring and the release of "Heartburn", they contributed to the "Philadelphia Sound" compilation on Bouncing Souls' Chunksaah label.

Sadly, while writing their second release for Deathwish, Knives Out disbanded.

Members of Knives Out went on to play in: Paint It Black, Affirmative Action Jackson, Tokyo, Champion, and more.
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"Pins N Needles" from "Heartburn"
"Trasmission" from "Heartburn"
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