Razor Crusade
Hometown: The Netherlands

Razor Crusade were a melodic hardcore band from The Netherlands.

Their sound was exciting and uplifting, influenced by bands like Samiam, Quicksand, and even Smashing Pumpkins.

To say Razor Crusade picked up fast would be an understatement. Within the first year of their existence they played over 55 shows, completed a full European tour and toured the UK twice. The band released their debut CDEP, "Are You Wired?", on Reflections soon after. The release received amazing reviews in all major European press. Then, just like that, their singer quit. Thankfully, the band sound an amazing vocalist to replace him and the band continued on.

Razor Crusade released their amazing "Infinite Water" CD on Deathwish in 2004 (on Reflections in Europe). Sadly, after touring in Europe in support of the release, Razor Crusade abruptly decided to call it a day in early 2005.

Sjarm, founding member of Razor Crusade, joined Modern Life Is War on guitar in 2005, where he still remains a member. If you see him, introduce yourself and tell him how awesome this album was.
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"The Low Spark" from "Infinite Water"
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