Hometown: Cleveland, OH USA

Human Furnace: Vocals
Frank 3Gun: Guitar
Aaron Dallison: Guitar
Matt Sorg: Guitar
Mike Lare: Bass
Chris Dora: Drums

Ringworm are one of the most important metallic hardcore bands to ever exist.

Like many bands their relationship has been a turbulent one. Ringworm disbanded in early 1994 then reunited for a brief European tour in the fall of 1995. Ringworm remained silent until the summer of 1998 when they returned to permanently rejoin the ranks of the living. In 1999, they released the "Madness of War" demo as a warning to all that they have returned.

In the summer of 2001 Ringworm released their second album, "Birth is Pain", on Victory. The band toured the world in support of this amazing album for much of that year.

In early 2002, Ringworm contributed to the "Dead Man's Hand" split 7"EP series on Deathwish, teaming up with Los Angeles based Terror. A band that guitarist Frank 3Gun would also play guitar in for quite some time.

Ringworm joined forces with Deathwish in early 2003 to reissue their classic album "The Promise". Often considered by many to be the finest full length album born from the Cleveland scene, "The Promise" paved the way for hardcore as we know it today. Soaring into a visceral darkness and metal heaviness that few dared before them.

In 2005, Ringworm released yet another monster full length, "Justice Replaced By Revenge", on Victory. The band toured the world in support of this brutal release. 2005 also saw longtime guitarist Frank 3Gun permanently step down from Ringworm and Terror to join Hatebreed on second guitar. His role has since been filled in Ringworm by Keelhaul guitarist Aaron Dallison.

The partnership and friendship between Ringworm and Deathwish continues on to this day. J. Bannon creates artwork for the band occassionally, and Human Furnace releases his Holyghost project with the label as well.

Members of Ringworm also play in: Holyghost, Gluttons, Keelhaul, Hatebreed, and more.
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"Blind To Faith" from "The Promise"
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