Hometown: Los Angeles, CA USA

Scott Vogel: Vocals
Nick Jett: Drums
Doug Weber: Guitar
Martin Stewart: Guitar
Buske DNA: Bass

Ignoring musical trends, Terror has assiduously carved themselves a path in the hardcore scene. They have taken the ethics and straightforward guitar assault of old school veterans like The Cro-Mags and Agnostic Front and effortlessly added their rapid fire drum lines and trademark double fisted vocal attack from front man, Scott Vogel. Leading a resurgence of a new breed of hardcore, breathing life into what once was a stagnant sub genre.

Terror were formed when Scott Vogel (ex-Buried Alive, Despair, Slugfest) moved to the Los Angeles. There he teamed up with legendary guitarist Todd Jones (ex-Carry On, Betrayed) and drummer Nick Jett. The new band soon recorded a demo (later rereleased as a 7"EP on Reaper), and hit the road in support of it.

After a run of now legendary live shows, the band refined their lineup, shedding bass players, etc. At this time label interest also swarmed the band, ending with Terror agreeing to release their debut on Bridge 9. Their "Lowest Of The Low" CD/10"LP release (now reissued on Trustkill) was praised by both hardcore and metal fans everywhere.

In mid 2003, Terror contributed to the "Dead Man's Hand" split 7"EP series on Deathwish, teaming up with Cleveland's Ringworm. They toured the world in support of the two releases for a year, keeping a pace that would burn many others out. The pace took it's toll and the band suffered many lineup changes, notably with founding member Todd Jones leaving the band in 2004. Terror later replaced him with Frank 3Gun of Ringworm.

In 2004, the band signed with Trustkill to release their next few albums: "One With The Underdogs" (2004), a reissue of "Lowest Of The Low" (2005), and their latest, "Always The Hard Way" (2006).

In 2005, Frank 3Gun stepped down as guitarist to join Hatebreed and bassist Carl left the band to pursue his band, First Blood, full time. Martin Stewart was then added as second guitarist and Buske DNA (ex-The Promise, Santa Sangre, etc.) was added on bass to round out the lineup.

Terror continues on, touring the world and releasing some of the greatest hardcore albums the world has ever seen.
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"Out Of My face" from "Dead Man's Hand 02"
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