Hometown: Sweden

Anders Steen: Bass, Vocals
Johan Folkesson: Guitar
Tim Bertilsson: Drums

Switchblade have been seething and writhing within Sweden's prolific underground music community since 1998. Their progression was quick. In only a few years Switchblade went from wearing their influences on their sleeves to making major waves in a still young sub genre. Shaped equally by their love of the morose sounds of Joy Division, Swans, The Melvins, Neurosis, Isis, etc.

Switchblade "Self Titled" CD was released on Deathwish in 2004.

The album is the definition of epic. A dense sonic storm of ambient soundscapes, driving repetition, and dark instrumental passages, that building to an immeasurable wall of sound and power.

In 2005 Switchblade released another "Self Titled" recording on Deathwish.

This effort is a spectacular 2 song 7"EP featuring Mattias Friberg from the Swedish Indie Rock band, Logh. His soulful voice, along with additional guitar contribution, add to the seemingly endless depth which Switchblade emplored with this effort. Altogether creating brooding and sonic music as blinding as the sun in its aural power.

Switchblade continue to evolve and perform to this day.
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"05:12" from "Switchblade"
"07:05" from "Switchblade EP"
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