Piece By Piece
Hometown: Granada Hills, CA USA

Comprised of a tested crew of Terror, Internal Affairs, Carry On, and Snake Eyes members, Piece By Piece are one of California's angriest hardcore bands. Carving out fast, unrelenting hardcore, when they want and how they want. The approach is simple, opinionated, and refreshing in its honesty. No hype, no frills, just stripped down hardcore that cuts deep to the bone of everyone and everything in their path.

In late 2004, Piece By Piece released their "We've Lost It All" CD on Malfunction. The release featured the material from their previous "We've Lost Our Minds" 7"EP, along with ten additional tracks. Also in 2004, Piece By Piece and Donnybrook teamed up to release "There Goes The Neighborhood", a split CDEP on 1917 Records.

Piece By Piece continue to exist when they want and how they want.