Rag Men
Hometown: NYC, NY USA

Jorge: Vocals
Mitts: Guitar
Buske: Bass
Rigg: Drums

Rag Men are a metallic hardcore band featuring former and current members of Hatebreed, Merauder, Terror, Madball, and Skarhead.

An "all-star" lineup in the truest sense, Rag Men are offer an aural depth not found in members previous efforts. They are heavy but not predictable, hard but not ignorant, and emotional but not weak. Rag Men are as real and unforgettable as a metallic hardcore band can get.

Rag Men released the vinyl version of their debut album on Malfunction in 2004 (CD on the Eulogy label).

Since then (between the members busy schedules) the band has played occasional shows while working on new material for future releases.