Online Resources

Band To Band: Trace the lineage and degrees of separation of Deathwish artists.
Deathwish @ Twitter: Keep tabs on all things Deathwish/Malfunction, it's highly addictive...
Deathwish Tumblr: Get Tumblr'd with us here, it's addictive...
Pure Volume: Listen to Deathwish affiliated artists and more here.
Wikipedia: Check out the Deathwish page on the user driven Wikipedia website.
Youtube: Visit Deathwish on the largest free video website on the planet.

Digital Music Downloads

Deathwish Digital: Download all Deathwish/Malfunction releases direct from the source!!!
iTunes: Download Deathwish releases from Apple for only $.99 a song.


Absolute Punk: A music website geared towards melodic rock, covers some hardcore.
Amp: A great punk/hardcore/metal magazine from California.
AP: The largest youth oriented music magazine.
Aversionline: A great metal/hardcore blog styled website. Recommended.
Beautiful/Decay: A fantastic art/lifestyle publication that also covers an array of indie music.
Big Cheese: UK based music magazine.
Blabbermouth: A heavy metal oriented news website that's usually hilarious.
Decibel: America's best aggressive music magazine.
Decoy Music: An eclectic underground music website with news, reviews, etc.
Juxtapoz: The leading underground art publication.
Kerrang: One of the oldest metal oriented magazines, they cover some punk and hardcore.
Lambgoat: A hardcore, metal, and punk news website.
Metal Hammer UK: Long standing heavy metal publication that covers some hardcore
Mojo: A magazine focusing on the classic bands of today and yesterday.
NME: London based music magazine. Good source for random music news.
Outburn: Quality aggressive music publication.
Pastepunk: A hardcore and punk news website with a more personal slant.
Pitchfork: A music oriented site with eclectic musical tastes.
Punknews: A punk/hardcore oriented news website.
Revolver: Aggressive music magazine that covers hardcore and all things metal.
Rock Sound: Solid UK based aggressive music magazine. Hardcore and metal friendly.
Scenepointblank: A music news website that covers a little metal, hardcore, indie, and more.
SMN News: A metal oriented news website.
Tape Op: A fantastic recording and engineering magazine.
Terrorizer: A fantastic publication that covers hardcore, metal, and everything else.
The PRP: A rock, metal, and hardcore oriented news website.
Thrasher: The best skateboarding magazine in the world.
Under Pressure: Graffiti, punk, hardcore, hip hop, lifestyle magazine from Montreal.
Vice: The most entertaining lifestyle magazine out there.
Zero Tolerance: An extreme metal oriented magazine with superb writing.

Record Labels

1917: A west coast hardcore label you should love and support.
A389: A label ran by Dom of Pulling Teeth.
Alliance Trax: A Japanese label specializing in hardcore releases.
Aurora Borealis: One of the best avante garde/ experimental labels around.
Auxillary: The Patterson brothers run this aggressive music label.
Bridge 9: The solid punk/hardcore mainstay.
Chainsaw Safety: A longstanding hardcore/punk label ran by our friend Will.
Daymare: A great Japanese label, home to Isis, Jesu, Cave In, etc.
Epitaph: One of the largest independent labels in the world.
Hawthorne Street: Our friends Jason's quality label, home to Playing Enemy and more.
Hydra Head: Our LA friends from Vermont and New Mexico.
Indecision: A great hardcore label ran by an old friend.
Jade Tree: A diverse label that we appreciate and support.
Neurot: The stellar label owned and operated by Neurosis members.
Norma Evangelium Diaboli: Label home to Funeral Mist, Deathspell Omega, Watain, etc.
Profound Lore: A vinyl friendly metal oriented label with some great releases.
Reaper: One of the best hardcore labels out there.
Reflections: Holland's best hardcore/punk record label.
Relapse: The best metal label in the world.
Revelation: One of the oldest and best indie labels.
Rivalry: A fantastic label ran by some left coast friends.
Robotic Empire: Our Virginia friends, check them out.
Saddle Creek: The ground breaking indie mainstay.
Sounds Familyre: A great label, home to Woven Hand and Sufjan Stevens.
Stillborn: The label ran by friend Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed.
Temporary Residence: The label home of Envy, Explosions In The Sky, etc.

Record Stores

Amoeba Records: The west coasts largest independently owned record store.
Aquarius Records: The best place for experimental and avante garde releases.
Newbury Comics: A local chain of stores that supports and carries aggressive music.


Cinderblock: A high quality apparel printer.
Diesel Fuel: A great sticker, poster, and apparel printer.
Jakprints: A full color offset printer and apparel printer.
Liberated Images: A great independent silkscreen print shop.
Mammoth Print Shop: A quality apparel silkscreen shop.
Pirates Press: Vinyl manufacturer and mastering facility.
TDT: A fantastic screenprinting company in New Jersey.
Trashmark: A European apparel printer.

Art / Photo / Design

Apenest: An experimental art collaborative by Cody Hoyt and Brian Willmont
Auxillary Design: Designer Ryan Patterson's online portfolio.
Blackheart Tattoo SF: Tim Lehi, Scott Silvia, and Jeff Rassier.
Burlesque: The Design studio of Aaron Horkey, Todd Bratrud, Wezz Winship, etc.
Exhibit-X: Our webmaster's company, he is really good.
Face The Show: Great live photos from a collection of photographers.
Grime: The legendary Bay Area tattooist and visual artist.
J. Bannon: Online home to J. Bannon
Paco Weekenstroo: An amazing concert photographer.
Return To The Pit: An intensive collection of live photography, features near every band out there.
Robby Redcheeks: A great photographer and old friend.
Ryan Russell: Alabama based indie music photographer.

Mixed Martial Arts

Dan Lauzon: Joe's brother and another great New England Mixed Martial Artist.
Joe Lauzon: DW sponsored Mixed Martial Artist from the Boston area.
MMA Weekly: A great source for news and information on Mixed Martial Arts. A classic MMA website with a legendary messageboard.
Sherdog: The leading MMA news website.
Tigerheart Toby Grear: A great Mixed Martial Artist from Los Angeles.

Musical Equipment, Rentals, etc.

BC Rich: The premier heavy metal guitar manufacturer.
Curt Mangan Strings: Colorado based string manufacturer.
D'Addario: A Guitar and bass string manufacturer that is Deathwish friendly.
Evans Drumheads: A notable drumhead manufacturer that helps Deathwish bands.
First Act Guitars: A great guitar manufacturer who supports Deathwish affiliated bands.
FPE: A company that represents Kustom, BC Rich, and more.
GHS Strings: A renowned company that has perfected the art of string manufacturing over the past 35 years.
Istanbul Cymbals: A great Cymbal company that support Deathwish bands.
Mesa Boogie: One of the leading manufactures of amps for heavy music.
Nomads Of Prague: A fantastic Prague based company for Euro transport, backline rental, etc.
Orange Amps: The preferred Amp manufacturer of many Deathwish bands.
Reverend Guitars: Guitar company out of Michigan who supports Deathwish artists.
Sabian Cymbals: A highly regarded cymbal manufacturer that helps out Deathwish bands.
Silverfox Percussion: Local percussion company that is supportive of Deathwish artists.
Vater: A locally run drumstick company that works with Deathwish artists.


Beautiful/Decay: Amir's apparel line features great guest artists and killer design.
Obey Clothing: The great counterculture apparel brand that our California friends help run.
To Die For: The fantastic west coast apparel company with hardcore roots.
Vans: The legendary apparel brand worn by almost everyone we know.


Adopt A Greyhound: An informative website about adopting retired Greyhounds.
ASPCA: The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
Northeast Animal Shelter: A fantastic local shelter in Salem
PBRC: The National Pitbull Rescue Center.
Shirts For A Cure: SFAC was launched to raise awareness about breast cancer prevention.