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Death Talk 013 Friday Street Dates, Taxi Driver, Death Talk Hotline
Death Talk 012 Harm's Way, Touché Amoré, Self Defense Family, Fargo & more!
Death Talk 011 Doomriders, Pulp Fiction, etc.
Death Talk 010 Blacklisted talk, snow, and more
Death Talk 009 Lots of questions answered here
Dialogues 003 J. Bannon and Igor Cavalera
Death Talk 008 First episode of 2015
Death Talk 007 Year end lists discussion!!!
Death Talk 006 Lots of Blacklisted talk and more!!!
Death Talk 005 We discuss Burning Love & more!
Dialogues 002 J. Bannon and Andy Williams Part 2
Dialogues 001 J. Bannon and Andy Williams Part 1
Death Talk 004 Now everyone is back!!!
Death Talk 003 The Big 3 are back!!!
Death Talk 002 They made it to another episode!
Death Talk 001 DW Staff Pilot Episode
38 Jeremy Bolm of Touche Amore interviews Patrick Kindlon of SDF
37 J. Bannon interviews Jeffrey Eaton of Modern Life Is War
36 Interview w/ John Pettibone of HEIRESS, and more
35 Part 2 of the "Tomcast". Patrick Kindlon & Tom Sheehan (Indecision, ex-MPB) discuss album art
34 Part 1 of the "Tomcast". Patrick Kindlon & Tom Sheehan (Indecision, ex-MPB) discuss album art
33 J. Bannon interviews Wes Eisold and Tim Cossar of Give Up The Ghost (AN)
32 Patrick of Self Defense Family gives thanks & explores the DW Estore
31 J. Bannon interviews Chris Colohan of Cursed, Burning Love, and more
30 Part 02 of Patrick Kindlon's interview w/ Jeremy of Touche Amore, and more
29 Part 01 of Patrick Kindlon's (Self Defense Family) interview w/ Jeremy of Touche Amore
28 The End of a Year (literally and figuratively) Podcast Special w/ Patrick Kindlon
27 The Blacklisted special: Interview, song premier, and more
26 The "Axe To Fall" Tour Special w/ Converge, Coalesce, and more
25 w/ The Hope Conspiracy, Reign Supreme, and Lewd Acts
24 w/ Doomriders, Rise And Fall, and The Hope Conspiracy
23 w/ Lewd Acts, Doomriders, and more
22 w/ new songs from Reign Sup, Lewd Acts, Coliseum, EOAY, and Victims
21 w/ Bob Shedd (Sound And Fury Festival), Pulling Teeth, Victims, etc.
20 w/ Lewd Acts interviewed, songs from Victims and more
19 w/ Marty from Carpathian, songs from Trap Them, KTD, and more
18 w/ Rob Moran of Narrows, Trap Them, Bitter End, and more
17 w/ Nick & Derek from Cold World, songs from Carpathian, Narrows, etc.
16 w/ Anthony and Fred of The Carrier, Rise And Fall, Reign Supreme and more
15 w/ Killing The Dream, Cold World, Bitter End, and more
14 w/ George of Blacklisted, Life Long Tragedy, and more
13 w/ Andy from Meltdown, Blacklisted, Pulling Teeth, and more
12 w/ Jay from Reign Supreme, Knives Out, and more
11 w/ Life Long Tragedy, Reign Supreme, Bitter End, and more
10 w/ Trash Talk, Pulling Teeth, & A New Cold World mix track!!!
09 w/ JD of Shipwreck a.d. interviewed by George of Blacklisted, and more
08 w/ Trap Them, new songs from Pulling Teeth and Shipwreck A.D.
07 w/ Tomas Lindberg interview by J. Bannon, Malfunction news, and more
06 w/ 108 interview, and more
05 w/ guest host JD of Shipwreck playing his favorites from the DW catalog
04 w/ songs from Ringworm, Integrity, Cursed, Converge, and more
03 w/ Doomriders, Converge, Shipwreck, Life Long Tragedy, and more
02 w/ Blacklisted, and more
01 w/ Hope Con, Doomriders, and more

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