Trap Them "Seance Prime: The Complete Recordings"
Format: 12"LP, Digital

"Seance Prime: The Complete Recordings" 12"LP combines all of their pre "Seizures In Barren Praise" Deathwish material (the "Seance Prime" CDEP and material from their split 7"EP with Extreme Noise Terror) into one brutal 12"LP release. All of the material has been remastered by guitarist Brian Izzi and the release also features reworked packaging from designer Ryan Patterson (Coliseum, etc.)

The "Seance Prime" sessions were recorded by longtime Trap Them engineer Kurt Ballou (Converge) at his now infamous Godcity Studios. This release in its original form put Trap Them on the map with listeners and critics worldwide as one of the most interesting heavy bands out there today. Songs like "Day 13: The Protest Hour" and "Day 14: Pulse Mavens" are a tornado of D-Beat hooks, frantic bursts of speed, and earth shaking dirges. Erasing the line between metal and punk with every unpredictable twist and turn. All of it dizzying and awe inducing, already deserving to stand among the elite of the extreme metal and hardcore genre.

Track Listing:
01. Day Thirteen: The Protest Hour
02. Day Fourteen: Pulse Mavens
03. Day Fifteen: Citizenihilist
04. Day Sixteen: The Iconflict
05. Day Seventeen: Wafers and Wine Of Sandblast Times
06. Day Eighteeen: Enders

First Press:
300 - Clear
700 - White
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Deafheaven "Roads to Judah"
Format: CD, LP, Digital

Recorded by Jack Shirley (guitarist of Comadre), "Roads to Judah", is a hypnotic thirty eight minute plunge into hazy musical darkness. A dizzying hybrid of Shoe-gaze shimmer, Hardcore vulnerability, and Black Metal intensity.

From the opening drone of the album it's as if we are are peering through a dream into the private world that is Deafheaven's "Roads to Judah". Layers and layers of instrumentation build, tangle and swirl before the real onslaught begins. A ferocious drum fill then thrusts us from the serene into a free fall, as if the ground below suddenly gave way. From there we plummet through one awe inducing sonic fog into the next, blurring the traditional lines of song. Hyper blasts of speed rage and pulse while lush guitars bellow, roar and whine with unorthodox melody. And just as we feel we've departed from reality from the aural overload, tortured vocals cry out from afar. Serving as a stark reminder that there is something very human about "Roads to Judah" and Deafheaven themselves.

Though the title could suggest something otherworldly, the "Judah" referenced is in fact the "N Judah" train, the busiest line of the San Francisco transit system. A relatable landmark to compliment the haunting ambiguity that surrounds Deafheaven and the music that they collectively create. On it, much of the lyrical writing and personal reflection for this album took place.

With that said, "Roads to Judah" isn't Heavy Metal role play, but a beautifully blackened artistic exploration of the issues and self loathing that can cloud every day life. A stunning a achievement emotionally and musically that will surely shape aggressive music for years to come.

Track Listing:
01. Violet
02. Language Games
03. Unrequited
04. Tunnel Of Trees

First Press:
300 - Cream / Black Split
700 - Cream / Black Mix
1000 - Cream Vinyl

Second Press:
1300 - Clear Red Vinyl

Third Press:
2009 - Cream w/ Black splatter

Fourth Press:
4019 - Clear vinyl
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Victims "A Dissident"
Format: CD, Digital, Vinyl (on Tankcrimes)

Released by a partnership of the Deathwish, Tankcrimes, and La Familia Record labels.

"A Dissident" is the latest album from Victims, recorded by Linus Wiklund with assistance from Nicko from Entombed. When the first chords of opener "Theft" interrupt the album's haunting intro, it's apparent that the years under their belt have only allowed Victims to become even more charged. For nearly a half hour "A Dissident" rages full bore from one punk/hardcore anthem to the next. Songs like "In Control", "We Are Not The Future", and "Nowhere In Time" carry the kind of heavy hooks that most bands can only dream of creating in their tenure. While "Broken Bones" and "Victims In Blood Pt. 6" are flawless examples of the classic hardcore/metal crossover power that they are known for. Victims' unrelenting ferocity, unforgettable choruses, and swedish quest for perfection has pushed the blueprint of their influences (Motorhead, Discharge, etc.) to a new contemporary level. And with the release of "A Dissident", Victims have cemented their place among the leaders, not followers, in today's true underground punk/hardcore scene.

Track Listing:
01. Theft
02. Death Do Us Part
03. In Control
04. Victims In Blood Part 6
05. Burning Bridges
06. Bringing Me Down
07. We Are Not The Future
08. Lifetaker
09. Broken Bones
10. Nowhere In Time
11. Ignorance Is Bliss
12. The Egoist
13. Waiting For Shadows

See the Tankcrimes website for vinyl pressing information.
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Starkweather / Overmars "Split"
Format: 12"LP, Digital (North America only)

Overmars have released numerous recordings over the last few years (many of which have been reissued by the Crucial Blast label). Their brand of ominous, expansive musical darkness is breath taking. A bleak and barren mix of doom, metal tinged punk, and experimental hardcore. Bringing to mind the sonic damage of later era Swans and Neurosis, while harboring a contemporary heaviness unlike anything else out there today.

Starkweather's legacy within aggressive music is legendary. Recorded at the same time as their highly praised "This Sheltering Night" album, their contributions here show a creative force at their most powerful. The complex "Armed Memory" shows Starkweather as tortured, jagged, and frantic as they've ever been. While their 14 minute epic "Nightmare Factory" is a layered metallic dirge of catastrophic proportions, dizzying and disorientating in its hypnotic ebb and flow.

Together Overmars and Starkweather have created an unclassifiable, paranoid journey into the artistic abyss, proving that aggressive music still has much to offer. No end is in sight as bands like these continue to reach down deep into their souls to explore such uncharted creative waters.

Track Listing:
01. Starkweather - Nightmare Factory
02. Starkweather - Armed Memory
03. Overmars - Solitary - Following The Sperm Whale (Once Again)
04. Overmars - Last Sail Sinking

First Press:
300 - Clear
700 - White
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Irons / Pulling Teeth "Grey Savior"
Format: 12"LP/Digital

J. Bannon (Converge, etc), Dwid Hellion (Integrity, etc), and Stephen Kasner (Blood Fountains) are "Irons". A collective effort to create apocalyptic, non-linear music from a primal fine art based mindset. With this release, Irons have forged a pensive sonic reflection ripe with melancholy and despair. Electronic textures, haunting vocals, and unorthodox guitar work all dance together to create an unforgettable melodic portrait that is unlike anything out there today.

Pulling Teeth:
A stylistic departure for Pulling Teeth, here they utilize this release to tread into deeper, more experimental, musical waters. The featured opus "Generals Of Dark Hymns" shows a new kind of dynamic emerging from their dark well of creative character. Slowing the pace only to crash down with a force merely hinted at in previous Pulling Teeth recordings. The release also features a J. Bannon (Converge, etc) remix of "Dismissed In Time", the epic closing track from their heralded "Martyr Immortal" album.

Track Listing:
01. Irons - Letting Go
02. Irons - Light Bringer's End
03. Irons - All Life Needs Death
04. Irons - Sky Funeral
05. Pulling Teeth - Generals Of Dark Hymns
06. Pulling Teeth - Dismissed In Time (Remix by J. Bannon)

First Press:
1000 - 12" Picture Discs
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Touché Amoré "DW Live Series 07: Live at WERS"
Format: Digital

The Deathwish Live Series is a series of FREE live recordings of Deathwish affiliated artists. These recordings are from a variety of sources: Radio shows, official live recordings, bootlegs, and more.

We are giving these recordings away as a thank you to the listeners who continue to support independent music. If you dig what you hear, please support these artists by seeing them live and by purchasing their releases and apparel in the DW Estore @

On their first trip to Boston, Touche Amore visited WERS Studios and recorded a session that later aired on the station. This no frills recording is Touche Amore at their most raw, performing now classic songs from their fantastic 6131 Records debut album, "…To the Beat of a Dead Horse".

Originally released by the band themselves as a limited 7"EP, the physical release is now out of print. For those who missed it the first time around, we are proud to include the recording as part of the Deathwish Live Series.

Special thanks to WERS for recording this material.

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Life Long Tragedy "Destined For Anything"
Format: Digital

Originally released by This Blessing This Curse recordings, "Destined For Anything" was the debut album from Life Long Tragedy. With a live energy and drive that was second to none, Life Long Tragedy were one the best California hardcore bands of their day. Their approach was both musically melodic and brutal, fusing the heart of their influences (Unbroken, Modern Life Is War) and the rage of present day life. All of it uniquely driven by their own passionate lyrical writings.

The album is currently available through Deathwish as a CD (Original pressing from This Blessing This Curse), as well as a Digital Download. A vinyl repress will surface sometime in the future.

Life Long Tragedy disbanded in 2008.
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